Company Profile

Randolph Street Realty Capital (RSRC) is a Chicago-based real estate investment and development company founded in 2009 by two industry veterans with a combined 50 years of experience. RSRC has a demonstrated record of success in delivering high returns to its investors with strategic acquisitions and development of multifamily and mixed-use properties. The company maximizes returns by focusing on growth markets and adding value by increasing revenue with its market expertise and hands-on asset management. RSRC has acquired, developed and operated real estate with an aggregate asset value exceeding $600M.

RSRC has consistently delivered returns to its investors and equity partners above pre-investment projections. This high level of performance is the result of the company’s singular focus on creating value and delivering exceptional outcomes. The company leverages the extensive experience of its principals and employees in their target markets which currently include Seattle, Chicago, Phoenix and Minneapolis.

RSRC combines the underwriting and organizational discipline of its institutional roots with the nimbleness and versatility required to succeed in a changing real estate, interest rate, regulatory and tax environment. Its entrepreneurial approach and depth and breadth of experiences have permitted RSRC to succeed through the full cycle of the industry – the good, the bad and the unknown. The company continues to identify new opportunities for high returns while maintaining the underwriting standards that have led to its success.

RSRC’s proven track record includes development of vacant land, completing construction and repositioning previously failed projects, and acquiring stabilized properties with growth potential. The company achieves these results by applying its experience and proactive asset management with strategic planning, strict underwriting, strong industry wide relationships and access to capital.

Strategic Planning

RSRC limits its investments to markets in which its principals have extensive acquisition, leasing and operational experience, and high trust relationships with general contractors and real estate professionals. Below are the markets in which RSRC’s principals have completed multifamily transactions:

Minneapolis/St. Paul
Los Angeles
San Diego
East Bay
New Jersey
Washington DC
New Mexico
Dallas/Fort Worth

Within these markets, the company seeks under-performing properties located in prime locations which can be repositioned or operated more efficiently. We also pursue stabilized properties in our target markets in less-than-prime locations, provided the assets produce sufficient current returns and offer value-add potential. For core infill sites, we analyze the risk/return of building new to improve our rate of return compared to acquiring a stabilized property that does not present a value add-proposition. The established industry and brokerage relationships RSRC enjoys often give us the first look at off market deals and also present development and redevelopment opportunities. To increase the pool of prospective deals, we have partnered with owners of developable parcels, a strategy which also mitigates risk and reduces upfront cash requirements.

Asset Management and Execution

RSRC’s hands-on asset management is a key component of the company’s performance. Our highly motivated team has broad experiences in asset management, property management, marketing, leasing and construction. This experience ensures we can execute our business plans while being able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

Our core mission is to optimize the use of each asset to maximize cash flow and return on investment for our investors, our equity partners and ourselves. Marketing and leasing space are the keys to driving revenue, and RSRC’s affiliated management company, Calibrate Property Management, is dedicated to accomplishing these objectives. Calibrate’s teams are onsite at each RSRC property and work seamlessly with RSRC to position each asset and develop and implement effective marketing and leasing strategies. Calibrate’s management and leasing teams provide RSRC with direct access to real-time data in each market relating to competition, market trends and property operating expenses.

RSRC and Calibrate provide a robust platform of back office capabilities which benefits our acquisition team, asset and property management, and investor communications. We make use of IT, financial reporting and human resource systems to analyze and enhance operational performance at every level and to provide comprehensive data to our partners, investors and employees. Our secure investor portal provides access to financial and tax information on a property and investment basis and permits us to provide current investors with an opportunity to review upcoming RSRC opportunities. RSRC’s innovative use of technology by experienced real estate professionals provides us a competitive advantage which elevates occupancy at the correct rent levels and reduces turnover. RSRC and Calibrate are currently rolling out a proprietary mobile application for each property designed to increase and improve the online presence of our assets by posting the actual ratings and reviews of residents on Google, Facebook and that reflect the high levels of satisfaction of our residents.

Focus on Return

In the competitive real estate market today, executing the blocking and tackling of asset management and property management is not enough to create value and deliver exceptional outcomes to our investors. RSRC critically evaluates and reevaluates each acquisition, development and operating asset seeking to boost investor returns. We understand every aspect of the multifamily and mixed-use real estate market – including pre-acquisition entitlement enhancements, Fannie and Freddie loan incentives, governmental grants related to transportation oriented developments

and affordable housing, historic tax credits, tax increment financing, opportunity zone tax exemptions and deferrals, and FEMA regulations. Recent examples of RSRC’s quantifiable success in these matters include six figure value adds for investors at properties in Illinois, Minnesota and Washington which include obtaining a FEMA flood map correction, receiving a county grant for a new construction project and approval for interest rate reductions for two properties pursuant to an EPA energy efficiency certification program.