RSRC utilizes its extensive network of brokers, owners and banks to acquire stabilized and distressed multifamily real estate properties in target markets.  To facilitate this strategy RSRC invests in joint venture structures as a general partner with private equity funds, high net worth investors and its own friends and family investors.

Targeted returns for investments depend on the type of investment.  RSRC specializes in the following types of acquisitions:

1)    Multifamily Properties with Construction/Lease-Up Risk – These assets offer the opportunity to purchase real estate at a discount to replacement cost and to build to a premium cap rate in a short period of time.  RSRC has been successful acquiring, quickly completing construction and utilizing its management company to lease and stabilize these assets.

2)    Value-Add Stabilized Properties– These investments are made in select stabilized opportunities in desirable locations.  RSRC seeks assets where there is an opportunity to capitalize on below market rents, inefficient management and invest capital dollars to increase revenues.  These assets are located within our target markets where we operate every day.

3)    Ground-Up Development– Under select circumstances primarily in Seattle and Chicago, RSRC will look to build on fully entitled sites.

Our Primary Markets

Minneapolis/St Paul